Moving UEFA to Eos

Help Uefa as it uses very primitive methods to hold and validate contracts.

Posted by sukru09347068 on March 06, 2018

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UEFA is the organization behind football. Football has 3.5 billion fans worldwide and is a huge economy. The goal is to convince UEFA and hold the contract information and validations on the blockchain. Once this is done we can take it further and do way more for UEFA.

As there are 3.5 billion Football fans worldwide, a successful adoption would show billions around the world who are distant from the blockchain that Blockchain actually works and provides added value.

Also what UEFA stores and sorts (title of deeds) is not that different from land registry/title of deeds of countries but on a smaller scale. A successful title of deeds adoption at Uefa level speeds up the land registry at the country specific level.

Why Eos is a good fit for this is that they have a big budget for new partnerships and some of this could be used for UEFA partnership.

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