About Us


We are some crypto enthusiasts with ideas but without time, skills and financial freedom to finalize them all. We also believe that crypto will have such a positive impact to how we live our lives. Organisations such as https://coincenter.org/ are fighting the alienation of blockchains at the government level. In here we are aiming to come up with projects that people will use in their daily lives and showing how and why blockchain will enable a better & fairer World.

So if you have an idea you are more then welcome to share it with the rest of the crypto world. Who knows, maybe they will even pay it forward :D


The goal is to have some nice ideas here and to spread the word around efficiently. Thunderclap.it will be used to reach out to bigger audiences. What will happen is that we will have dynamic idea rounds. The first round will last 1 month, and as we get more users and more ideas generated we are planning to decrease the time-frame of the rounds. At the end of each round, past ideas will be archived. Top 3 ideas from the previous round will be thunderclapped 2 weeks after the round ends. Archiving old ideas will also increase the visibility of new ideas.


This website will not be totally decentralized however we will pay our utmost attention to make sure that it runs like it is running on smart contracts, with very little- no interference if possible.

Time to work together, we still have billions to convince that blockchain is good for the 99% of the population.